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Life Of An Internet Addict

Life Of An Internet Addict

I'm Kayla-Shay and this is my addiction...The internet. And I love it so much :3

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i just shamelessly ran after an icecream truck


you are an inspiration

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I walk into the kitchen and I hear this,
Coworker 1- “You need a stud. I got the std all I need is you!”
Coworker 2- “Ohh! That made me quiver in my pants!”
Me- *turns right back around and walks out*

The sex life of my dreams

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I love this show. It taught how to work in a hospital

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before you date a girl with a mental illness, remember: saying, “you’re beautiful” won’t balance the chemicals in her brain.

and don’t fucking say, “i’ll be here for you, no matter what,” if you don’t mean it.

don’t think you’re fixing her by saying, “i love you.” because you’re not

This needs more notes.

All of it, but mostly the bolded


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